Caring for Those in Desperate Need!

A Inhuman Crisis

The Dominican Republic shares the Island of Espanola with Haiti. With the current humanitarian crisis in Haiti the Dominican Republic is overwhelmed with close to 2 million undocumented peoples. These are in addition to a country where over thirty percent of the legal population lives below the poverty line.

The current unemployment rate for skilled Dominican citizens is 8.9 percent. For untrained and undocumented peoples the unemployment rate is many times higher. These people live the most meager of existence. They are exploited and persecuted. They have little hope. Your donation will help change that!

We are not alone

We are working with other non profit's, charity's, local community partners and churches to provide aid and training that changes lives throuh education, job training. Helping restore hope and health as well as emotional and spiritual well being.

Why Work With Us

We are Good Stewards

Our team on the ground in the Dominican Republic ensures your donation goes to the care of those who are in the most urgent need.

Your Compassion Counts!

Together we can create change!