Our Legacy Partners

Our Legacy Partners are organizations and people who have made significant contributions to Mission Caribe. They have a shared vision for the continuence of our organization well into the future.

  Joan Howell         Denise Willis                 Doug and Emmalyn White

Changing lives and communities

We are working with local pastors to help build up churches and individuals.

Our Programs

We offer a variety of opportunities designed to support communities, churches and individuals. If you are interested in missionary work in any of these area's please contact us today.

Your generous gift of support will help break the cycle of poverty in the Dominican Republic.

Food and Medical Services

We provide Food, Medicine, Diagnostic tests and transportation to those with no money.

Sponsor a Family

Your family sponsorship of a family will provided added nutrition, medicine, clothing and other necessities to a family. We will send you information about the family that is receiving your aid.


We provide tuition, after school programs, school supplies and Sunday school supplies to children and churches in need.

Church Building

We work with local churches to help complete or repair their buildings when they have no finances available.

Outreach Ministries

We work with all peoples to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing Bibles, teaching and other Christian learning materials.

General Fund

These funds go to administrative cost for employees, offices and supplies and transportation services.

Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

Your generous gift will promote change for good!